Class Misago\ActionView\Helpers\FormHelper\FormBuilder

Protected instance attributes


Public instance methods

__construct($record_or_name, $args=null)

check_box($column=null, $attributes=null)

Renders a checkable box.


Ends the HTML form.

error_message_on($column, $all=false)

Displays errors related to a column. Shows only the first error by default.


Displays errors related to the record itself (as well as other objects).

hidden_field($column, $attributes=null)

Renders a hidden field.

label($column, $text=null, $attributes=null)

Renders a label for a column.

$f->label('in_stock', 'In stock?');
$f->label('in_stock', 'In stock?', array('class' => 'available'));
$f->label('address', array('class' => 'invoice-address')); 

password_field($column, $attributes=null)

Renders a password field.

radio_button($column, $tag_value, $attributes=null)

Renders a radio button.

select($column, $options, $attributes=null)

Renders a select field.

start($url, $options=null)

Starts the HTML form.

text_area($column, $attributes=null)

Renders a text area.

text_field($column, $attributes=null)

Renders a text input field.