Documentation for Misago

Misago is yet another framework for PHP that is inspired on Rails.

It tries to mimic or implement most of Rails' API, so you may follow guides and books for Ruby on Rails, and you shall find your marks in Misago. Misago is far from implementing all of Rails API, and will surely never (it's not a copycat), but the things you rely on daily should be there. If not, patches are welcomed.

Getting Started

Download and install misago somewhere.

On command line (CLI), run:

$ misago my_project -d mysql
$ cd my_project/
$ script/server 

Then point your browser to http://localhost:3000 and cheers, you're running on misago (yes, it serves an error because there is no WelcomeController).

Webs servers

Only LightTPD is supported by script/server for the moment.

You may use another Web server by pointing the FastCGI process to myapp/public/index.php and you shall use the 404 handler (see myapp/config/lighttpd.conf for examples).


Download and install PHPSH, then run in CLI:

$ script/shell 

You then have a command line prompt that gives you the opportunity to work with anything from your application directly. For instance :

php> $post = new Post(45);
php> $post->delete(); 



It's possible to autoload classes. You must use the following syntax if you wish to use it (recommended):